Wholesale Delivery

Today we proudly service over 300 businesses throughout Michigan including restaurants, grocery stores, schools, hotels, churches, and many others.

Our low minimum order amount of $150 allows you to get multiple deliveries per week ensuring your produce is always as fresh as possible.

We conveniently deliver Monday through Saturday (MOST AREAS). Call Jeremy (313.999.0029) today to see what days we currently deliver to your area.

Our generous order placement requirements allow you to place your order as late as midnight the night before and still get next day delivery.

Call Jeremy for more information or to get an updated price sheet!

Jeremy Galli 313.999.0029 


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With more than 50,000 square feet of cooler space at our Detroit flagship location, we have unmatched buying power


Joe Randazzo’s has been awarded the highest business rating in the produce Industry from Blue Book Online Services (BBOS).

Our Blue Book business rating is:


For inquiries, please contact:
Mark Galli, Sam or Pete Randazzo

(313) 892-0093

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